Ashley Horvat

Vice President, Auto OEMs

Ashley Horvat, formerly Oregon’s “Electric-Car Czar,” brings over a decade of public and private sector electric vehicle industry expertise to Greenlots in her role as Vice President, Auto OEMs, where she oversees Greenlots’ sales and business development efforts with automakers, including light, medium and heavy-duty manufacturers. Horvat leads the expansion of commercial business with customers such as Volvo, Ford and Electrify America, as well as continued growth in partnerships across the auto OEM sector. Before taking on this position in a newly formed commercial segment, Horvat’s role was VP of Public & Private Partnerships. In this capacity, she led the development of a new infrastructure model for Greenlots, including overseeing smart communities and national strategic partnerships to help advance electric mobility globally. Having joined Greenlots in 2017, as employee #17, Horvat has been part of leading the rapid growth of the organization through acquisition by Shell New Energies and plays a vital role in the ongoing energy transition efforts and cross business collaboration across Shell groups as the company scales.

Prior to Greenlots, Horvat served as PlugShare’s Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, where she founded the company’s consulting division and managed corporate strategic initiatives. From 2010-2015, Horvat pioneered several electrification initiatives within the public sector in various public sector roles for the State of Oregon across transportation and energy agencies. In 2013, Governor John Kitzhaber appointed Ashley as the Chief EV Officer for the State of Oregon, where she advised the governor’s office, after leading the formation of the West Coast Electric Highway, Oregon Electric Byways, and other multi-state ZEV initiatives and regulatory oversight activities. In 2013, Horvat co-founded the “Women of Electric Vehicles” organization, dedicated to “elEVating women” to leadership roles in the EV industry, which now includes 700+ women from around the world.

Ashley earned a bachelor’s degree in American public policy and environmental studies from Western Michigan University. She’s been driving EVs since 2011, including a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Kia Soul EV, and a Tesla Model S.